FLENI, the Foundation for the Fight Against Infant Neurological Disease, is an organization dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and investigation of neurological disease in children, adolescents and adults. FLENI needed a more advanced virtual strategy to allow doctors to communicate and share information with one another, educate the public regarding the foundation’s work, and provide important medical information about the diseases in which the organization specializes. In 2001, VIRTUALTRIP created a multifaceted website that is user-friendly: simple enough to be used by the public, but also geared towards medical professionals visiting the site. We also built an extranet so that FLENI could easily update the website on a daily basis. We are currently working on a more modern design for the website, as well creating social media portals to make the organization even more accessible to new and old users.
Web Strategy & Production,
Social Media & Online Positioning,
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