Faena Group is an international enterprise based in Buenos Aires, and made up of different divisions, including Faena Properties and Faena Hotel & Universe. VIRTUALTRIP, along with our sister company FORMA Cultural Branding, worked with Faena for over two years to create a multi-faceted web platform that supported the different divisions of Faena group. Each division was given its own site (ten in total), complete with a distinct content and images, and a separate press area. Furthermore, we created an Extranet so that Faena’s products could be accessible to various international travel agencies, and an Intranet was designed for internal communication between each subsection. Next, we developed software for the Human Resources department to make the hiring of more than 200 new employees more efficient. Finally, VIRTUALTRIP, in collaboration with the architect Claudia Faena, created a DVD for the International Architecture Biennale about the design and construction of the Faena buildings. Thanks to the new communication platforms and subsequent digital branding, Faena Group made contact with local and international clients before the opening and strengthened its position as an international brand.
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