Thinking Locally

As a part of this decade?s organic movement, more consumers are thinking locally about products they are purchasing. However, now people are using the latest technologies and social media to disseminate those ideals. A recent article from Britain?s Brand Republic suggests that the Digital Revolution is being utilized to inform clients of where they can find these locally grown products. With online applications that allow you to trace back exactly where an egg originated, this sort of ?techno-innovation? acts to legitimate locally produced claims, as well as expose the bogus ones.

Buenos Aires has amazing potential to also utilize digital media to promote local brands, from food markets to design locales. Locally minded stores have begun to pop up in Buenos Aires with gaining speed; now the digital media sector just needs to catch up. Guia Oleo boasts of eighty-two ?Natural? restaurants to choose from, while markets modeled after Whole Foods, such as Natural Deli and The Pick Market, have made quite the impression on local shoppers. The potential exists for these brands to also take advantage of digital media. In the past couple of years the city has joined the global social media craze that has revolutionized marketing and advertising. However, the question is now: How can Buenos Aires utilize digital media such as mobile applications and social media to further promote local products and businesses? Check out the article from Brand Republic here to see their suggestions. You can also read more about FORMA?s ideas concerning origin denomination, a classification system for natural products, and Argentina in our latest article!

Posted by Felice Physioc on Culture