GÜNTER Gráfica & Packaging

We know a thing or two about printing.  We know, for example, that it is easier to have 50,000 flyers printed than 5,000, why that gold inlay never looks quite right, and why the high-end printshop you laboriously picked out never really gave you their full attention.  The fact remains that if your order invitations for a modest party of 3,000 people, you are nowhere near your print shop?s most important client, which means that the service they provide you – from (any) consultation to the graphics and printing itself — will be second rate.  Finally, you?re charged top prices for the privilege of being mostly ignored, and who knows if you?re invitations will be distributed correctly or even arrive on time.

This is a challenge we encounter constantly as a company.  Boutique wineries, exclusive events, restricted access — all these things mean the same thing when it comes to printing: top quality in limited quantities.  We have begun to feel that there is a missing link in the printing & packaging business: a lack of printing shops that are willing to provide expert consultation and fine printing for smaller clients.  For this reason FORMA Cultural Branding took the step and launched GUNTER, a graphic printing, production and packaging company based in Buenos Aires.

Working with some of the largest paper, packaging, and rare materials distributors in Argentina, Gunter provides consultation, printing, packaging and distribution services to clients in Argentina and Brazil.  With the design and branding expertise of the FORMA team as a guide, Guther manages the details that make printing and packaging so incredibly laborious — paper weights, embossing, stamping and finishing, to name a few.  In everything, Gunter relies on FORMA?s tried-and-tested network of suppliers (many of whom we have worked with for more than twelve years), for the most trustworthy service and the lowest estimates. Finally, and most importantly, by eliminating those ?satellite? companies that feed off of most print shops (manufactures, distributors, etc.) and handling these services in-house, we can charge significantly less than most printing and packaging shops.

Gunter Grafica & Packaging is based in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  For more information, check out the Gunter website at

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