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Website Evolution by Utilizing Analytics


By Felice Physioc

Digital branding is about a lot more than just the creation of a website. One of many services offered by digital branding agencies is website strategy and production; however, that is just the first step towards a successful website. Although it is the company and the virtual branding agency that determine the content and design, it is the users who decide whether a website is successful or not. A website maintains a heartbeat due to traffic and the amount of interaction, making the user integral to giving a website life. VIRTUALTRIP is a digital branding agency that makes a personalized effort post-website launch to ensure that your company’s website continues to flourish even after the initial construction is complete.

The first steps in digital branding and website production are aesthetic. The website is designed and programmed, and the company and digital branding agency need to be in agreement on the content as well as the different sections that are to be highlighted. The process can be tedious, and the different stages of production are lengthy. There are important factors to consider such as easy navigation, how to logically order information, and how to obtain simple but clean content that engages the user. Several different combinations need to be considered to finally create an end product that is a crisp and beautiful website.

Once the unveiling happens it is easy to just let the website go and let the page be absorbed by the internet. However, the launching of the website is just the first of many processes that result in a successful website. A company needs to consider how to position their now digital brand in order to maximize website traffic and therefore gain potential clients. Fortunately, Google and many other sites have programs that allow you to access analytical information of your online webpage. This data is essential to discover what sections specifically attract users (and which do not), and how to logically evolve online using this information.

Website analytics reveal information about which sections of the webpage are most visited, and in contrast which ones are not popular with users. From this information the digital branding agency can analyze the results: is it that you are using interactive material such as videos and pictures in the popular sections? What is missing from the less popular sections that exists in the most viewed ones? VIRTUALTRIP has continued to work harmoniously with organizations, such as the government of Buenos Aires, to continue to support websites after they have been introduced. The launch of the website for Argentina’s Bicentenario on May 25, 2010 was an initial success, but has benefited greatly by posterior modifications. By reviewing data through Google Analytics, the team has been able to determine which parts of the site are most popular and why, allowing VIRTUALTRIP to further develop popular sections and also decide what parts of the site still need content work.

Analytics also provide the company and branding agency with information about where the website traffic is coming from, both virtually and geographically. The company can then utilize this data to develop and cater to the audiences that are most avidly interacting with the website. For instance, information about user demographics can help a company determine the results of advertising and marketing campaigns. From this knowledge the company can decide which markets they can expect to successfully enter. For example, for a boutique winery looking to expand their audience this can be a great resource to see direct results of a specific campaign. Let’s say the winery attended a wine fair in Asia. The company could see the impact of the visit from webpage statistics, and determine if they have the potential for a new market in Asia. Accordingly, they can continue to target this audience through special articles, co-branding opportunities, and advertising campaigns to see how the popularity develops. A company can effectively use analytic information to make smart and successful moves for their business.

Website analytics also inform companies of where on the web users are entering their page, whether it be through social media such as Facebook or Twitter, through the press, or are directly entering the website. This information tells companies where they are successfully interacting with their users, and reaffirms VIRTUALTRIP’s method of engaging in social media by online positioning. When a company sees that over half the traffic of their website enters from their Facebook page they realize how important it is to have a continually active page. Website analytics allow a company to see direct results of different campaigns and evolve rationally from them.

Ultimately, partaking in website analytics allows your company to adjust the website to be more user-friendly, which should be the end goal of every website design. When a website obtains effective usability it almost directly results in an increased number of visitors. It doesn’t matter if the company or the virtual branding agency that designed the website loves a certain section, it is the users and their interaction that make the final judgment on what makes a website successful. The Google Analytics program allows both digital branding agencies and companies to make intelligent tweaks to the website based on hard numbers. This adds value to the company’s digital brand, and their ability to directly communicate with users.

VIRTUALTRIP works intimately with our clients to determine from analytics what is successful and why in website design, a skill the digital branding agency has mastered through experience. This information allows us to improve the website so that the maximum traffic is reached. Evolution and Support is an important service offered by VIRTUALTRIP that guarantees the company that the service doesn’t end when the website is launched. Evolution ensures the success of a website after it has been introduced to the public, and results in modifications to meet the interests of the users. Great website designs survive over time, but the lasting success of the website is dependent on both the company and the digital branding agency to ensure the content remains interesting for users. With regular and interactive users the company can successfully reach their audience and obtain new visitors. VIRTUALTRIP is a digital branding agency that takes advantage of website analytics in order to guarantee a successful and long-lasting website.