In 1998, Julian Bedel founded VIRTUALTRIP. The company was born from the growing enthusiasm for an emerging and interactive means of communication -- the Internet. Since that time, VIRTUALTRIP has evolved to become an expert in the online development and positioning of local and international brands in the Latin American market. We offer a full suite of digital strategy and production services, and create the tools to allow people to intelligently navigate the world of digital creation and communication.
sister companies
VIRTUALTRIP often works in collaboration with our sister company, FORMA Cultural Branding. FORMA specializes in complete brand strategy and positioning for high-end brands in Latin America. FORMA's clients include global enterprises, governmental institutions, museums, restaurants, automobile manufactures, and charities. FORMA relies on VIRTUALTRIP to develop the digital strategy, design and production to help its clients succeed online.

Both VIRTUALTRIP and FORMA Cultural Banding are part of the Fitzroya Network: a nation of communication, marketing, publishing and philanthropic tribes. These tribes share information and accountability, for more about the Fitzroya network please visit the site.